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From the 7th to the 23rd of February the Russian city of Sochi will host the 22nd Winter Olympics. It’s pretty ironic considering that it is more known for its position on the Black Sea as a sunny holiday destination and that temperatures rarely go below 0c due to its humid subtropical climate.

To deal with the lack of snow the city is currently building a brand new Olympic park complete with several arenas, an ice dome and a curling centre. Alpine events such as skiing and snowboarding will take place in the nearby mountainous region of Krasnaya Polyana.

It’s still a year away but there’s already controversy. It’s hailed as the most expensive Olympics ever beating Beijing and London. Although wealthy Russians are helping out, it seems that taxpayers are the ones who will end up footing the final bill. Furthermore there is the issue of families being moved in order to build the new park.

Russia is talking of relaxing its currently strict visa rules for EU citizens to allow easier access for the Olympics.

Tickets are now on sale. Would you consider going to these Winter Olympics?